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Which of Your Services is Right for Me?
(and Other Common Questions)

Which of your services is right for me?

Since every dog and owner are unique, with their own set of struggles, strengths, and expectations, please browse "Our Services" to determine which class is right for you. If you are still unsure, don't hesitate to contact us, we'd be happy to find the right fit for you and your dog.

In general, if you are getting ready to bring a new puppy into your home or just welcomed one (8-16wks), our Puppy FUNdamentals is the best place to start. Puppies that have all their vaccinations can start with the Puppy Foundations class.  Dogs over 6 months can go into our Basic Obedience and Manners class unless your dog struggles with being around other dogs or has specific behavior issues you'd like to address. In these instances, we recommend either our Naughty But Nice course or a private Behavior Modification Consultation. And Finally, if you're looking for a Fun alternative to keeping your dog active and fit, our Fit, Flex, Fun class would be your best option.

What is your approach to dog training?

Here at Ahead of The Game, we are Positive Reinforcement, Games-Based Concept Trainers. We are Force Free, Fear Free trainers and apply the most up-to-date science based methods. You can learn more about our approach to training on "Our Training Ethos" page.

The old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" is a myth. We happily work with dogs of any age, any breed. Some older dogs require special considerations for health reasons, but we take that all into account when we come up with your training "Game Plan"

What is Your Service Area for Private In Home Sessions?

We are located in Forsyth County, GA and service the North Georgia area. Our Private Training Package fees include a 30 minute travel radius from our location (30028 zip code), which generally includes Forsyth County, North Fulton County, and parts of Cherokee County, Dawson County, and Hall County. We are happy to provide training outside this service area, however, travel fees will apply.

What is Concept Training?

Concept Training is doggy neuroscience that goes beyond behavior/trick training like "sit", "down", "stay". Sure we love to train behaviors, but simply training these do not prepare your dog for real-life! To prepare our dogs for real-life results, we have to enhance their personalities and shape their brains. A dog's brain is made up of building blocks of skills, or  what we call concepts, such as focus, impulse control, disengagement, optimism, etc. How competent they are at the different concepts influence the choices they make in their day to day life. These choices combine to make up your dog's individual personality. The great news is these concepts are dynamic, and we can mold and enhance your dog's personality by strengthening these concepts individually through games based training. You can learn all about our concepts on our "Concepts 101" page.

I noticed CPDT-KA after your name, what does that mean?

CPDT-KA stands for Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed. CPDT-KA Certification through the CCPDT (Certifying Council of Professional Dog Trainers) provides an an independent scientifically valid measure of a trainer’s understanding of all aspects of dog training to include learning theory, ethology, instructional skills, equipment, and husbandry. Certificants have logged over 300 hours of direct, hands on dog training experience, and have passed a rigorous 3 hour written exam that focuses on the science of dog behavior and the application of training techniques. To ensure CPDT-KA certificants apply the most current science based techniques, they are required to engage in ongoing continuing education and professional development. Additionally, certificants must adhere to a professional code of ethics and standards of practice.

What if my dog isn't comfortable around other dogs or people?

At ATG we recognize that going to a group dog class can be stressful for some dogs (and their owners). That's why we offer private in-person consultations as well as private 1 to 1 alternatives to all our group classes. We even offer live on-line consultations and courses for those dogs that aren't comfortable around strangers. Our on-line Naughty But Nice workshop is a great place to start!

Is my pet too old to be trained?

While we are confident you and your dog will LOVE our positive fun atmosphere and effective training solutions, we want everyone to be satisfied with their experience. So, if you feel we aren't the right fit for you, we will refund your money in accordance with our refund policy.

What if your classes aren't a good fit for my dog?

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