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Basic Obedience and Manners



6 months and up

$275 (Group), $525 (Private)


6 Sessions


Basic Obedience and Manners

This course is designed especially for dogs over 6 months. This is the age adolescence kicks in, and that sweet puppy of yours is now developing some independence! In this class you'll learn the importance of management to prevent rehearsal of unwanted behaviors, and the timing of cues, markers, and rewards while training your dog in a fun, positive environment. You'll also learn the different methods of training behaviors, to include luring, capturing, and shaping. Your dog will learn important cued behaviors such as sit, down, stand, (all with duration), recall, loose lead walking, and basic household manners -- all through GAMES!

This course will concentrate on the following concepts:

- Focus

- Disengagement

- Proximity

- Impulse Control

- Optimism

- Calm

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